Tutorials for measuring thermal tolerance


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Over the world, temperatures are on the rise. Some species can deal with it, but many others not.
Knowing which ones are in danger, and where, requires integrating lot of information, such like:
1) how environmental temperatures vary in space and time,
2) where are species distributed,
3) how high temperatures can animals tolerate,
4) what can animals do to hide from the heat.
We input these data into mathematical models that output maps of climatic risk for species and communities.
Thus, to help the world find populations under climatic risk. This platform provides the following services:
1. Identifies species’ populations underpotential climatic risk.
2. Helps measuring thermal tolerance in organisms.
3. Stores data on species’ thermal traits and thermoregulation behavior.
4. Puts you in contact with a community of skillful researchers interested in thermal tolerance and climatic vulnerability.

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