Mapping Populations Under Climatic Threat

All over the world, temperatures are rising.

Some species can deal with this, but many cannot.

Knowing which species are in danger and where requires integrating different types of information, such as:

 ⇒  how ambient temperatures vary in space and time

⇒  where the species are distributed

⇒  the maximum temperature different animals  can tolerate

⇒  what animals can do to hide from the heat





We aim to support conservation organizations to detect populations under climatic risk. This platform provides the following services:

⇒  identify species under potential  climate risk

⇒  consultations on how to measure thermal  tolerance in different organisms

store and share data on thermal traits of species

connect with expert researchers interested in thermal tolerance and climate vulnerability


Find out how to obtain data to identify climate vulnerability. 


Request reports on species climate vulnerability.


As a client, consult experts in the estimation of thermal tolerance / climate vulnerability of species. As an expert, contribute with your expertise on the species / methods you work with.